Build credit, not debt.

Nyble helps you build credit for the things that matter. No credit history or deposit required.

What makes a good credit score?

Payment history

This is the biggest part of the credit score pie. You need a loan or credit line that's being reported to get started, then pay your bills on time to keep it looking good.

Amount owed

This factors in how much you owe vs how much available credit you have. The game plan is to keep your balances low.

Length of history

This looks at your track record of handling credit well. The longer your (positive) credit history, the better your score.

Inquiries - 10%

Every time you apply for a loan, a credit check is created and this might put a dent in your score. The trick is to space out your applications and only apply for loans if you need them.

Type of accounts - 10%

This is a mix of all your credit types. Usually it is better to have a combo of credit types as it shows how you juggle financial responsibilities.

Build credit seamlessly

Build your credit history and monitor your credit report today for a better financial tomorrow. You may be able to unlock better rates & save more with a higher credit score.

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